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Below is expert content from KSU career professionals for three types of alumni: recent graduates, alumni getting back into the job market, and alumni going for a promotion.

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Social Media & Your Job Search: 6 ?'s to Ask

Social media plays an integral part of a candidate's job search, allowing candidates to have many online interactions with employers. As the number of online interactions increase it is important those postings, messages, and comments reinforce one's brand as a relevant potential employee

The power of using a social media network increases exponentially as the number of people goes up. For candidates, those that post with a thought out intention and purpose produce more positive traction in their online job search. Here are six questions to consider when becoming more intentional in using social media during a job search.

Question 1: What social media platform should you be using?

- Make a list of all the social media platforms you currently use.

- Rank them by how much you use each one and why you use them.

- Deciding which platforms you use is the one thing that is controllable in the world of social media

Question 2: How much time are you willing to spend using these platforms?

- Keep in mind that social media will help maintain one's brand as a relevant potential employee through intentional quality postings and interactions, not simply a high quantity of untargeted postings. Put in the time it takes to produce quality content.

Question 3: How do you make your brand distinctive, relevant, and consistent to your targeted industries and employers using social media?

- Distinctive - Does your online professional personality match your real-world professional personality? And do you highlight your unique skills and experiences?

- Relevant - Are your postings and interactions targeted to the employers and industries you are interested in?

- Consistent - Are the tone and content of your postings consistently presented across personal and professional platforms and predictably posted?

Question 4: How will you measure the strength of your brand in your social media platform of choice?

- Don't be shy to ask your peers how they perceive your presence on your social media platform of choice.

- Determine what level of interaction you are expecting to receive so you are able to evaluate the success.

Question 5: Who should be a part of your social media network?

- Be very judicious when deciding to add a "friend" or "colleague" to your network.

- Don't hesitate to disconnect or ignore connection requests when necessary.

Question 6: How will you defend your content or online comments?

- Make a difference by taking an extra 10 seconds to proofread before submitting your content online.

By answering these questions candidates are able to becoming more intentional with what they post online, who they connect with, and in the end have a positive impact on their brand as a relevant potential employee.

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 Informational Interviews: Tips to get started 

Informational interviews are an important tool for your professional development where you are able to gain insights from industry professionals by asking questions on best practices, career strategies, and company culture. 

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Informational interviews are a great way to learn about a career but also to network. Check out Chris Griffin's('13) experience. She graduated with her Master of Science in Conflict Management and participated in our Owl Alumni Career Club.

".... I took your advice and set up an informational interview with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. I interviewed them about their jobs and the paths their careers had taken.... Several months ago a job posting for Hearing Coordinator in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion popped up and it looked perfect for me. I applied for the job and, viola, several rounds later, I am the finalist for the job! I could not be more excited! None of it would have happened if you had not suggested the informational interviews, something I had never done before. "

- Chris Griffin

Her story illustrates the importance of using informational interviews as a part of your job search and professional growth. Below is an example of verbiage to use when reaching out to fellow alumni and industry professionals. Don't forget that there are over 100,000 KSU/SPSU alumni out there to connect with.



Below are questions to use during your informational interviews:



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Michael Dutcher | Assistant Director of Campus Engagement |
Department of Career Planning and Development - Alumni & Student-Athletes
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