Policies & Procedures

  • The Department of Career Planning & Development does not give permission to any organization, or individual, to distribute materials of any kind throughout campus. All promotional materials regarding an approved and scheduled recruiting event will be distributed directly through our staff to interested students. Promotional materials for a confirmed recruiting event must be submitted to our office at least 7 business days before the event.

  • Any company or organization seeking to recruit at KSU must register a Handshake account through The Department of Career Planning and Development (CPD). If a representative of an organization fails to comply with CPD's policies, University Posting and Announcement Policy , or NACE Principles for Employment Professionals; access to some or all CPD services may be declined or revoked. We also reserve the right to decline registration, posting, and recruitment for positions that require a financial fee or investment by the students or Alumni. If employer fees are waived or deferred (in writing), we will consider approval for recruitment. Final approval to use Kennesaw State University facilities and services for the purposes of recruitment rests with the Executive Director of CPD.

    Kennesaw State University and CPD supports equal opportunities for all students, and thus, does not pre-screen students for full time, part time, co-op/internship positions. Interested students will contact the employer as instructed on the position posting or announcement. All tests administered on campus must be validated by CPD and meet requirements of the Equal Opportunity Commission.

    We are obligated to follow both professional (National Association of Colleges and Employers) and federal EEO guidelines. More information is available at the following website: http://www.naceweb.org/principles/

  • If you are a Third-Party Recruiter posting a job for a client, it will be necessary to disclose the client’s company name for whom you are recruiting in the Job Description box. All positions posted by third-party recruiters without the client’s company name will be deleted from the system. Third-party recruiters are eligible to participate in the Career Fair ONLY IF they are recruiting for their own respective organization OR they explicitly state the company they are representing at the time of the fair. Also see NACE Third Party Recruiting Policy. Recruiting complexities that exist for a third-party recruiter far surpass those of a typical employer. Therefore, The Department of Career Planning & Development reserves the right to deny access and participation to any third-party employer.

    Temporary agencies or staffing services are employers, not third-party recruiters, and will be expected to comply with the professional conduct principles set forth for employer professionals. These are organizations that contract to provide individuals qualified to perform specific tasks or complete specific projects for a client organization. Individuals perform work at the client organization, but are employed and paid by the agency.

  • Marketing companies are prohibited from using the university’s career services to recruit students for commission only employment and internships. Salaried or hourly positions for the corporate divisions of these companies are permitted. Furthermore, companies that require employees to purchase equipment or inventory for resale are not permitted to use our Department's services. Organizations offering franchise opportunities are also prohibited. Companies that offer either commission only fulltime positions or require further training and licensure paid by the candidate must disclose this information when posting a position or recruiting on campus.
  • Start-up companies must be sufficiently established to where they are able but not limited to:

    • Provide a company name, physical business address (not from home), website and email address with matching domains, and identify an Owner and/or Partner as the key contact
    • Verify you are not seeking potential partners or investors to launch or sustain operation through our services
    • Confirm you have obtained the necessary business licenses and Tax ID’s as well as sufficient funding, including identifying your funding model and investors, if requested
    • Offer positions for pay, not just for equity
    • Provide clearly defined organization and position descriptions on our job board (Handshake).
    • Internships and Co-op positions must abide by the NACE Principles for Employment Professionals and Federal EEO guidelines.

    Ventures who cannot meet these guidelines may be denied access to our services.

  • Individuals hiring for openings associated with private individuals or residences (e.g. babysitting, gardening, driving, house cleaning, tutoring, moving, painting, maintenance, elder care, etc.) are not permitted to recruit.