"What are you going to do with a liberal arts degree?" 

"Whatever I want." That's the answer we argue, and that our colleagues advocate as well.

We are here to make sure that you are never caught off guard by this question again. We are here to help you:

  • Explore paths you can pursue from your major and determine your career aspirations.
  • Market your education and the skills you contribute to corporate, nonprofit, government, and education sectors.
  • Identify the employers who are looking to hire someone like you in local, and national, and international markets.

Why is this our mission? Because we faced similar challenges with our own degrees and career choices. You can start right now; explore the resources below.

In addition, we recommend You Majored In What?: Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career by Katherine Brooks, Ed.D. 


Getting started

    • The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) is always keeping track of the attributes and transferable skills employers are looking for. You've probably used many of these in your part-time jobs, class projects or coursework, or in your extracurricular activities in campus groups, leadership, volunteering, and other personal projects:

      • Ability to communicate with others inside and outside the organization
      • Strong understanding of role within organization or project (sometimes referred to as teamwork)
      • Making decisions and solving problems
      • Planning, organizing, and prioritizing
      • Obtaining and processing information
      • Analyzing qualitative and quantitative information (and reaching evidence-based conclusions)
      • Technical skills related to the job
      • Creating and editing written reports
      • Persuading others
      • Professionalism and work ethic

      In addition to those above, there are a few other crucial things you're honing throughout your degree. You might have some of these:

      • Diversity, common knowledge, and an appreciation of multiple perspectives
      • Critical thinking, with an appreciation for the complexities of social, business, and structural entities
      • Understanding of people and groups: observing and evaluating how they process information and make decisions, and how cultural or societal norms affect the way they see the world
      • An understanding of human interactions across world cultures and time
      • Global perspective and awareness of challenges in the twenty-first century
      • New approaches and creative solutions
      • Receptive to new ideas and change
      • Original ideas and innovative thinking


      • Krysta FryKrysta Fry, Career & Internship Advisor 

        Krysta is your go to resource for information regarding resume and cover letter assistance, internship and co-op questions and much more. Call today to schedule an appointment! 

        Areas: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

        Email: kfry4@kennesaw.edu

        Phone: 470-578-6555

        Office: Willingham Hall, rm. 223D 

        English and Professional Writing- Lydia Henderson, Career and Internship Advisor

        E-mail: lhende43@kennesaw.edu          Phone: 470-578-6555

        Technical Communication & Interactive Design- Steven Vosika, Career & Internship Advisor
        Email: svosika@kennesaw.edu                Phone: (470) 578-6555

      • In order to receive academic credit, you must meet the specific class requirements set forth by your college.

        You have until the last day of Final Registration of each semester (in which you plan to intern) to apply for credit. Applicants must allow for up to 10 days of processing. Please do not wait until the last minute. It is highly recommended that you apply for the credit the semester previous to the one you plan to intern. NOTE: The application process for an internship and co-op is the same process

        ** Review the Pre-Application Checklist **

        • COM 3398 (Internship)

          Application Deadlines:

          • May 1 for summer semester internships
          • August 1 for fall semester internships
          • January 1 for spring semester internships

          Participation Requirements:

          • An overall GPA of at least 2.5
          • Completion of at least 60 hours toward graduation
          • If you declared a major in the School of Communication programs Fall 2015 or after, you MUST BE ADMITTED to the program to be eligible for internship.
          • 3 hours credit in fall and spring require working 10 to 19 hours per week.  3 hours of summer semester credit must result in 20 to 29 hours per week.
          • 6 hours credit in fall and spring require working 20 to 29 hours per week.  6 hours of summer semester credit must result in at least 30 hours per week.  
          • Additional needs as outlined in the COM 3398 policy document

          The process begins by contacting Professor T. Gray at tgray17@kennesaw.edu.  He will answer questions related to eligibility and share preliminary forms that must be filled out prior to proceeding.  

          Once students have been approved to participate in the program they will be directed to the KSU Career Center to complete the application process. 

          Apply Here


        •  CRJU 3396 (Co-op) Requirements

          • Posted 2.5+ KSU AGPA
          • Prerequisites: CJ major, 30 credit hours completed
          • Available for 1-3 credit hours per semester
          • Required two(2)-semester commitment
          • MUST be paid.

          Hours Per Week          Credit Hours Eligible
          10-19                                         1
          20-29                                         2
          30-40                                         3

          Email Professor Peter Fenton at pfenton@kennesaw.edu OR your Career and Internship Advisor with questions.

          All communication related to your application will be sent to your KSU student email.

          Apply Here

          CRJU 3398 (Internship) Requirements

          • Posted 2.00+ KSU AGPA
          • Prerequisites: CJ major, 90 credit hours completed, including 12 hours of upper-level CRJU courses
          • Candidates must attend an orientation session prior to registration Available for 3-9 credit hours

          The criminal justice internship is a practical field experience in which the student takes on significant responsibilities.

          Email Professor Peter Fenton at pfenton@kennesaw.edu with questions.
          All communication related to your application will be sent to your KSU student email.

          Apply Here


        • HIST 3398 (Internship)

          • Minimum GPA required: 2.75
          • 9 Credit Hours max (not ususally in a single semester)
          • Requires 60 credit hours as a prerequisite

          Before you apply, Please contact Dr. Jennifer Dickey at jdickey2@kennesaw.edu for application information

          Apply Here
        • SOCI 3396 (Co-op)

          • Minimum GPA required: 2.5
          • 3 Credit Hours max per semester (up to 9 credit hours total)
          • Requires 30 credit hours as a prerequisite
          • This course is a two semester commitment (see advisor for details)

          SOCI 3398 (Internship)

          • Minimum GPA required: 2.0
          • 9 Credit Hours max in a single semester (up to 9 credit hours total)
          • Requires 90 credit hours as a prerequisite
          • Requires SOCI 3304 as a prerequisite




        • Lydia Henderson, Career and Internship Advisor (English and Professional Writing)

          Lydia is your go-to source for information regarding Resume Assistance, Cover Letter help, Internship Co-op Questions and more. Call or email today to schedule an appointment.

          E-mail: lhende43@kennesaw.edu

          Phone: 470-578-6555

          ENGL 3398 (Internship)

          • Minimum GPA required: 3.00
          • Prerequisite: Writing 3109 Careers In Writing (strongly encouraged)
          • Earn 3-12 Credit Hours

          PRWR 7600

          • Minimum GPA required: 3.00
          • 6 Credit Hours max
          Apply Here
        • POLS 3396 (Co-op)

          • Minimum GPA required: 2.50
          • 3 Credit Hours max per semester

          POLS 3398 (Internship)

          Apply Here
        • GWST 3398 (Internship)

          • Before you apply, please contact Letizia Guglielmo at lgugliel@kennesaw.edu for application information
          • Minimum GPA required: 3.00
          • 3 Credit Hours max
          Apply Here
        • ANTH 3398 (Internship)

          • Requires 90 credit hours as a prerequisite
          • Requires ANTH 3300 and ANTH 4450 as prerequisites
          • Mandatory attendance at an internship orientation the semester PRIOR to intended internship or contact Dr. Teresa Raczek for more information. 
          Apply Here

          Questions about Anthropology internships? Contact your faculty coordinator, Dr. Teresa Raczek at traczek@kennesaw.edu

        • If you have questions about internships in Interdisciplinary Studies, please contact Career Planning and Development OR the below faculty BEFORE completing an application:

          African and African Diaspora Studies - Dr. Griselda Thomas - gthomas2@kennesaw.edu

          Gender and Women's Studies - Letizia Guglielmo - lgugliel@kennesaw.edu

          Questions about all other programs, including Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, Peace Studies, Religious Studies, and American Studies, please contact the program coordinator of your program.

          AADS 3398 (Internship)- African and African Diaspora Studies Internship

          CRS 3398 / ISD3398 (Internship) - Cultural and Regional Studies Internship



        • GEOG 3398 (Internship)

          Contact Dr. Garrett Smith at gsmith@kennesaw.edu for application and internship information

          GIS 3398 (Internship), GIS 4415 (Practicum)

          Contact Dr. Nancy Pullen at npullen@kennesaw.edu for application information


        • Steven Vosika, Career & Internship Advisor, Technical Communication & Interactive Design
          (470) 578-6555
          Office: SC 204 Advising Center 

          TCOM 3398 (Internship) - Technical Communication                     
          Paid Experience: Not Required
          Min. Semester(s): 1
          Participation Requirements: An overall GPA of at least 3.0 and junior standing.
          Max Credits: 3 credit hours

          INDS 3398 (Internship) - Interactive Design
          Paid Experience: Not Required
          Min. Semester(s): 1
          Participation Requirements: Must have 28 credit hours completed in Area F and Upper Division major requirements.
          Max Credits: 1-9 credit hours

          Contact Sarah Milligan Weldon at sweldon5@kennesaw.edu for application information


        • For those seeking an internship as a Psychology major, please contact Dr. Daniel Niederjohn for the application paperwork. He can be reached at dniederj@kennesaw.edu or 470-578-6604.


        • For those seeking an internship as a Foreign Language major, please contact:

           Dr. Noah McLaughlin for French

          Dr. Jaime Cruz-Ortiz for Spanish

          Dr. Sabine Smith for German

          Dr. Federica Santini for Italian

          Dr. Liuxi Meng for Chinese




          • Objective Statement Report
          • Online Career Portfolio Assignment
          • Student & Supervisor Evaluations
          • End of Semester Report

          For more information about these assignments, including due dates, please check Desire2Learn (D2L).

          * The supervisor evaluation will be sent (toward the end of the semester) to the supervisor of each student enrolled in a co-op course. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the evaluation is completed by their supervisor and returned to the Department of Career Planning and Development on time.

        • The best way to find a position is to log into Handshake and complete your profile. Look at opportunities under “Jobs” and submit your resume if you meet the qualifications.You can also find an internship on your own without using Handshake, as long as you meet the academic requirements, you will be able to count that job for class credit.

          If you already have a job that you feel qualifies as a Co–op or Internship, review the qualifications for academic credit that are specific to your major.  All positions have to be approved through The Department of Career Planning and Development. NOTE: KSU does not give retroactive credit.


        • Cooperative Education (Co-op)- Students work for at least two semesters with the same company in positions that provide experience directly related to their academic majors. They receive academic credit for participation and must be paid a wage or alternative form of compensation (e.g. commuting expenses, meals, tickets, etc).

          • Position may be part–time or full–time, and may occur every semester or in alternating semesters.
          • Students must have a KSU GPA to participate in a co-op (transfer students cannot participate in their first semester at KSU).
          • Sophomores, juniors, seniors, or students in graduate school with a declared eligible major, at least 30 completed credit hours, and a 2.50 GPA are eligible to participate.

          Internships - Employment that closely relates to the student’s major and is usually one semester in length. Students also receive academic credit for their participation and the position may be paid or unpaid, depending on the major.

          • The internship may be part–time or full–time, and is available to eligible juniors, seniors, and graduate students with a declared major.
          • Students must have a KSU GPA to participate in an internship (transfer students cannot participate in their first semester).
          • GPA and semester hour requirements vary by major.

          For questions or to learn more about your particular situation, we recommend you set up an appointment with your Career & Internship Advisor.

        Review the Guiding Principles for Internship & Co-op Participation


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