Kennesaw State University strives to provide students with an array of experiential education opportunities outside of the classroom. The Owl Job Shadow Program provides students with a one-day shadow experience to help them explore different career opportunities and see what it is like to work after graduation.

How Does it Work?

  • Job shadowing opportunities will be available at a variety of companies during the week of Spring Break, April 2-6, 2018.
  • Each shadow experience will last up to 6 hours on one day of the job shadowing week.
  • Students will apply to attend a job shadowing opportunity and if selected, will be matched with an employer based on the student’s listed preferences.

The objectives of this program include:

  • Observation opportunities to see what a career field looks like “in real life”
  • Connect classroom learning with workplace experience
  • Broaden the view of opportunities for students at many different companies
  • Create a starting point for learning how to network with professionals
  • Practice professionalism and business etiquette
  • Help to define potential career paths after graduation

This program is a definite "Win-Win" for everyone involved. 

    • Visit a company to see how it runs on a daily basis
    • Get a real look into different career paths you can potentially take
    • Use this time as a “pre-interview” for potential internship, co-op or job opportunities
    • See different ways you can incorporate your major into a career
    • See the specific benefits or unique perks to working for a specific company, and see what their work culture is like
    • Practice using professionalism and gain some hands-on experience networking with other professionals
    • Publicity for your company to the students
    • Opportunity to showcase your company and how it runs on a daily basis
    • Help students in their career exploration see different paths they can potentially take
    • Meet potential future interns, co-op students, or employees
    • Show students how many different majors could potentially work at your company in different areas
    • Highlight benefits or unique perks to working for your company and show them what a work culture can be like
    • Help boost the students’ confidence and level of professionalism, as well as networking skills
    • Provide an opportunity for your employees to mentor and lead the next generation
    • Deepen your partnership with Kennesaw State University

Answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:

  • Q: What are the requirements to participate in the program?

    A: You must have a 2.0 GPA or greater, and must have completed one full semester at KSU prior to the shadowing semester. 

    Q: Can I participate in more than one day of the job shadowing week?

    A: If enough locations are available, yes. We want to provide this opportunity to as many students as possible. You may also apply and participate again in a future semester.

    Q: Can I choose which employer I want to shadow?

    A: You will be given the option in the application process to rank your top 3 choices. We will do our best to pair you with one of these choices, but we will place you with an employer.

    Q: What if I do not want to shadow the company that I have been paired with?

    A: We will do the best we can to pair you with one of your top 3 company choices. If you are matched with a company outside of these choices, we will contact you first to discuss other options. Each company that has been chosen for the Owl Job Shadow Program will provide a worthwhile experience for each student.

    Q: What if I do not have a Handshake account?

    A: You do! If you have not logged in before, you still have an account as long as you are an active student. Make sure to activate your account at

    Q: Can I edit my application once it has been submitted?

    A: No. If you need to change anything, please email Erin Stapleton at

    Q: What if I cannot go to one of the Owl Job Shadow Orientation Workshops?

    A: Each participant in the Owl Job Shadow Program must attend a pre-experience workshop. If you are unable to attend one of the available workshops, please email Erin Stapleton at BEFORE those dates.

    Q: What if I have an emergency on the day of the shadowing experience?

    A: Please contact the Department of Career Planning and Development at 470-578-2724.

    Q: How long will we be at our host company’s facility on the job shadow day?

    A: Up to 6 hours.

  • Employer FAQs:

    Q: Can I participate in more than one day of the job shadowing week?

    A: You can request to host students for multiple days of the job shadowing week. We ask that each set of students only attends one employer for one day, so if you participate in multiple days, it will be with an entirely different set of students on each day. You can include this information on your application.

    Q: Can I select which students shadow at my company?

    A: No. The Department of Career Planning and Development will pair students with approved employers based on (but not limited to), the industry of the company, location of the company, student’s reason for participating, date availability, and proposed agenda.

    Q: How many students can I host at my company?

    A: There is no limit for the number of students you can request. We will fill as many students as possible based on the number of requests we get from students.

    Q: What are the qualifications for my company to participate in this program?

    A: All companies with an approved Handshake account linked to KSU are able to apply. The requirements to be approved with KSU in Handshake include (but are not limited to) an active organization website, a matching email address to the website domain, a physical business address and phone number. You must also have posted a job with the Department of Career Planning and Development at KSU within Handshake (or OwlLink) within the last 12 months. The application will include all information that we will need, including a basic agenda for the shadow day, which colleges you are willing to host students from, and how many students you would be willing to host. 

    Q: How long must the students be at our facility on the job shadow day?

    A: Up to 6 hours.

    Q: What are the requirements for students to participate in the Owl Job Shadow Program?

    A: They must have a 2.0 GPA or greater, and must have completed one full semester at KSU prior to the shadowing semester.

    Q: If I have specific qualifications I would like to include for the students that attend my company’s job shadow day, can I request those?

    A: Yes, you can include that on your application form.


Employer Application Instructions

You will need to have a registered account in Handshake. For more information about making an account, click here. 

Apply using the button below. Once all applications are received, the Department of Career Planning and Development staff will review applications and contact the employers with an answer on if they have been selected to participate.

Apply Here

Student Application Instructions

IMPORTANT: You must have an approved resume in Handshake in order to apply for Job Shadow positions.

  1. Beginning February 5th, login to Handshake (with Net ID & Password) and click on Jobs on the top of the home screen.

  2. Search for “Owl Job Shadow Application” and click on the job for your college (ex: Owl Job Shadow Application- University College).

  3. Information on the program and the application steps are listed in the “Job Description” portion of the page.

  4. To see a list of opportunities within your college, scroll down on the page until you see the “Attachments” portion on the right-hand side. Open the attached document to see a list of opportunities for students within your college. You can also look at the jobs for other colleges if you’d like to shadow in a different area than your declared major or minor.

  5. After you submit your resume, you will receive an email with a survey with additional questions. This will include a place for you to note your top 3 shadow site locations.

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