The following policies apply to all students and alumni who use the various services offered by The Department of Career Planning & Development.

Please note that the term “student” refers to any student or alumnus who participates in On–Campus Recruiting, regardless of their enrollment status at KSU. 

  • A student will be considered a late arrival if they show up for their appointment with a career advisor more than 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time. If the student has called to let us know that they are running late (prior to the end of the 15–minute grace period), the CIA/staff member will determine if there is sufficient time remaining to effectively cover what is needed and complete the appointment by the end of the original appointment time. The CIA will then either meet with the student or reschedule. This will NOT be counted under the no-show/late policy.

    If the student does not arrive or call to notify us that they will be late within 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment and the original appointment will be counted as having violated the no-show/late no show policy.

    The Late Arrival policy for regular appointments will not be strictly enforced during the first two weeks of the Fall Semester, due to the increased traffic and difficulty with parking. A student with an appointment for a digitally recorded practice interviews (mock interview) will be considered late arrivals if they show up as little as one minute past the scheduled appointment time. The student will need to schedule another appointment for the mock interview. The Late Arrival policy for mock interviews will be enforced at all times throughout the semester. 

  • The following policy applies to all students and alumni who schedule an appointment with a Career Planning and Development (CPD) staff member.

    The No-Show/Late Policy applies:

    • when a student/alumnus does not appear for an appointment that has not been cancelled at least 1 hour in advance of the appointment time. Appointments should be cancelled with as much advance notice as possible by contacting Career Planning and Development at 470-578-6555.
    • when a student/alumnus arrives more than 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of a Career and Internship Advisor/staff member appointment.

    If the student calls in within the 15-minute grace period, the CIA/staff member will determine if there is sufficient time remaining to complete the appointment and will either meet with the student or reschedule. This will not be counted under the no-show/late policy.

    Students who are going to be late should contact Career Planning and Development at 470-578-6555 immediately upon realizing he/she will be late.

    No-Show / Late Policy:

    Upon the first no-show/late arrival, the Department of Career Planning and Development will email the student a warning regarding the suspension of services following a second occurrence. With a second occurrence, the student will be notified by email that the ability to schedule appointments with CPD staff members has been suspended for the remainder of the term.

    Eligibility for services will be reinstated the first day of classes of the following semester.

    No-Show/Late offenses are cumulative throughout one semester only.

  • When a student reschedules/cancels the same appointment twice add comma it is considered a first offense under the no show policy. If the student reschedules or cancels two more times, that will be the second offense and their access to our Department's privileges will be revoked for the remainder of that semester. Please note that calling to reschedule/cancel after your scheduled appointment time will be considered a no show of the original appointment.

    Please note that the Rescheduling/Canceling policy works in combination with the standard No Show policy. For example, a no show and an appointment rescheduled/canceled twice (or any other combination of the two appointment policies) would be your first and second offense.

  • The Department of Career Planning and Development will notify you via email if you are in violation of the Late Cancellation/No Show Policy.

    • Late Cancellations and No Shows MUST adhere to the following to have your account reinstated:
    • Contact the Department of Career Planning and Development IN PERSON to obtain the recruiter's contact information.  This information will not be provided over the phone or via email.  You can visit either office location to obtain this information. 
    • Write a letter, which will be e-mailed to the appropriate interviewer explaining why it was necessary to cancel the scheduled interview or why you did not show
    • Before sending the letter to the interviewer, it must be sent to the Department of Career Planning and Development for review.  Email your letter to careerctr@kennesaw.edu.
    • Once approved, you will be notified that you can officially send your apology email to the interviewer.  Do not send the letter as an attachment—it should be the body of your email.
    • Include the Department of Career Planning and Development on your email to the recruiter by adding Dr. Lori Trahan, Associate Director for Operations, Assessment and Employer Relations to the CC field of the email (Ltrahan@kennesaw.edu)
    • Failure to do the above tasks will result in your Handshake account remaining blocked

    1st Offense: Excluded from all On–Campus Interviewing activities, including any interviews already scheduled.

    Follow the above procedure to have your account reinstated after review.  Failure to comply will result in total and permanent exclusion from future On–Campus Interviewing activities. Please note that failing to sign up for an interview you have been chosen for is counted the same as a “No Show” because you are taking an opportunity from another potential candidate. 

    2nd Offense: Banned from all On–Campus Interviewing activities the entire semester.  There is no appeal process for a second violation during the same semester.

    NOTE: Students who violate the On-Campus Interview policy for two consecutive semesters will have their participation privileges for this program permanently revoked.

    Please note that when you do not respond to an employer request after you have submitted your resume for a position, it may permanently affect future recruiting at Kennesaw State for all students. So please be considerate of your fellow students and honor commitments you make.

  • All employers recruiting at Kennesaw State University must accept and abide by the following policies and procedures.