Cover Letter Help

A cover letter is an introduction to your resume. It shows the employer your writing capabilities and allows you to highlight your skills and interests more completely than is feasible with the resume. Call our office to make an appointment for a one–on–one cover letter review.

Resume Assistance
Your resume is a critical step in the career search process. Without a resume that “sells” you, the career position you are looking for will pass you by. Is your resume a “behavioral” resume? Does it reflect your career potential? Does it revolve around the position you seek? Let The Department of Career Planning & Development help you create a resume that achieves these goals.

Digitally Recorded Practice Interviews
If the resume is the sales tool, interviewing is the sales pitch. A Department of Career Planning & Development Professional will be happy to do a one–on–one digitally recorded practice interview (also known as a mock interview) with you to strengthen those all–important interviewing skills.

Experiential Education
The key to any successful career search is experience. The Department of Career Planning & Development offers two excellent opportunities to help you gain the experience you need. To further explore Cooperative Education (Co–op) and Internship, come to one of our Introduction to Experiential Education information sessions.

Career Library
The Department of Career Planning & Development is filled with books on career strategies and professional journals listing career opportunities in many of those hard–to–find career fields.

Food for Thoughts
Professionals from the employment community make panel presentations each semester to address career opportunities in specific career fields.

Job & Internship Fairs
Several career fairs are conducted each year in the areas of Business, Non–Profit and Government, and Education. These provide wonderful opportunities for all students and alumni to meet with potential employers and to explore careers.

Handshake (Formerly OwlLink)
Through this online job services system, students and alumni can access a number of services from the comfort of their home computer. Users must be registered students or alumni, and must complete a profile and upload their resumes into the system. The following services are available in Handshake:

On–Campus Recruiting
Hundreds of employers visit our campus annually to do one–on–one interviews for career positions with their organizations.

Online Job Postings
Thousands of postings for employment, many of which are targeted to KSU students and alumni, can be accessed through our website using Handshake. These positions range in type from part–time positions to professional career openings. The openings are updated daily and can be applied for directly using an online resume.

Professional Network
This program allows students to contact Alumni and other professionals in their field of interest for advice.

We also offer services for Staff and Faculty; call for more information.