Need a Class Presentation? Call on Us!

Advisors from the Department of Career Planning & Development (CPD) are available to present to your classes for as little as 5 minutes and up to a full class session. Presentation topics include an overview of our services and resources, how to participate in an internship or co-op experience, and "how to" presentations on resume writing, interviewing, and preparing for a job fair.

We can also connect you with employers who would love to come and speak with your class.

Both options expose your students to people and information that can benefit them greatly in their future job searches and careers. Submit your presentation request by completing the form below.

For the best chance of ensuring staff availability for your presentation, please submit all requests at least 1 week in advance. If you will not be present for class, it is your responsibility to secure room access for the presenter.

Request a Presenter

Important: Blackout Dates

Please do not schedule presentations on the following days:
  • September 2nd – Accounting & Finance Virtual Job & Internship Fair
  • September 7th – Labor Day
  • September 14th – Virtual Job Fair Prep Day
  • September 15th – STEM Virtual Job, Co-op, and Internship Fair Day 1
  • September 16th – STEM  Virtual Job, Co-op, and Internship Fair Day 2
  • October 8th – Virtual Job Fair Prep Day
  • October 13th – All Majors Virtual Job and Internship Fair Day 1
  • October 14th – All Majors Virtual Job and Internship Fair Day 2
  • November 23rd - November 29th – Thanksgiving Break
Thank you, CPD