ksu job fair

Tuesday, March 23rd & Wednesday, March 24th, 2021

11:00am - 3:00pm, new employers each day

Hosted virtually within Handshake

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Our fair connects many of the nation's top companies with KSU's brightest students and alumni for internship, co-op, full-time, & part-time positions.

This event is for companies to recruit for jobs and internships in all majors and industries. Students of all majors and class levels are encouraged to attend. Don't forget that this is a two-day fair, so be sure to look for which day each company or school will be in attendance, and make plans to attend both days to visit with more companies!

Attendance reserved for KSU students and KSU/SPSU alumni only.

Need last minute advice?

Drop-in to Job Fair Preparation Day for quick resume reviews, job fair practice, elevator speech feedback, and more! Find more information about this event and RSVP in Handshake.

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  • Companies are also recruiting for positions in architecture, construction management, all kinds of engineering, education, marketing, communications, computing and software engineering, information systems, technology, and so many more related fields. Look through the list below for more information. Use the Handshake app to run filters specifically for your situation. You can sort by major, job type, school year, industry, search by keyword, and much more!

  • Virtual career fairs on Handshake give you the opportunity to meet recruiters and other employees through video sessions. You can connect with companies that will want to hire you in 30-minute group sessions and 10-minute 1:1s. You will be able to research companies, sign up for sessions, and build your schedule for the day, which means - no waiting in line! Learn more here.


Are you ready for the Virtual Job Fair?

Before you enter the virtual fair, review this checklist so you are prepared to impress! The checklist includes tips for what to do in the weeks and days leading up to the fair, as well as what to have with you and how to follow up. 

Download the Virtual Job Fair Checklist



Student Resources

    • Download the Handshake app (free download for Apple and Android devices) to see the list of registered employers for the upcoming Job & Internship Fairs.
    • Once you register for the fair in Handshake, you can see all organizations attending each of the Job & Internship Fairs along with their available Group and 1:1 sessions. Check back frequently to register for new sessions, but more importantly...DO YOUR RESEARCH!
    • Do research inside this app, but do not stop there. Find the organization's website to learn more about the company, mission, and any open positions listed on their website, under "Careers," "Employment," "About Us" or similar sections.
    • Use other websites to do research as well. Many employers will have a presence on LinkedIn, where you can learn more about them and even explore who is already employed there and the backgrounds and professional experience of those individuals.
    • Test your audio and video! Make sure you have a strong internet connection in the location in which you plan to join the fair.

    In the context of a Career Fair, it is how you introduce yourself to an employer, demonstrating your interest in the company and/or position.

    The catch: your time frame is only 30-60 seconds while you're shaking hands.

    NOTE: Always remember a firm handshake for both men & women

    How to create a unique elevator speech for each employer:

    1. Hi! I’m (your full name). I’m a/an _______________________ major, graduating in _______.
    2. Next say something interesting about yourself, something that will impress this specific employer.


    • I just completed an internship with ¬(company name) in the ____________ Department. It was amazing…
    • I have a 3.5 GPA and have always excelled academically.
    • I am the President of ___________, (describe the organization: purpose, # of students…)

    3. Wrap it up by expressing your interest in the employer:

    I am very interested in working with you because…(insert your research)

    4. Finally: May I give you my resume?

    Practice, Practice, Practice: know your elevator speech and say it with ease…

    NOTE: Do not leave without requesting a business card, so you are able to write a thank you note within 24 hours. Always attach your resume.

  • Your resume needs to be perfect, with no spelling or grammar mistakes, in reverse chronological order, and with everything aligned.

    Please review the resume template for tips on creating a strategic resume, available on our website here (click on the link that matches your college, and then look under "writing samples").

    NOTE: For employers to view your resume, it must be approved in Handshake and your profile must be set to 'community' or 'employer' visibility.

  • Present yourself in a professional manner - dressing professionally is one of the keys to making a great first impression!

    Job Fair Dress

    • A copy of your resume to refer to
    • A pen & extra paper for notes
    • Smiles & eye contact to make a great impression
    • Always ask for the best way to contact or connect when you meet with an employer, so you can write a thank you note within 24 hours incorporating the notes you’ve written after speaking to an employer.


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