Getting Started with Internships & Co-ops

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    All applications for internship or co-op credit for Spring 2019 must be initiated by January 4th, 2019 in order to be approved for the Spring term.


How to Find an Internship or Co-op Position

The best way to find a position is to log into Handshake and complete your profile. Look at opportunities under “Jobs” and submit your resume if you meet the qualifications. You can also find an internship on your own without using Handshake. As long as you meet the academic requirements, you may be able to count that job for class credit.

Looking for an internship abroad? Contact Lola Owokoniran ( in the Education Abroad office before accepting an internship offer abroad. You can search for these internships under the "Jobs" tab in Handshake,, and

If you already have a job that you feel qualifies as a co–op or internship, review the qualifications for academic credit that are specific to your major on the left side of this page.  All positions have to be approved through the Department of Career Planning & Development. NOTE: KSU does not give retroactive credit.


General Qualifications

Cooperative Education (Co-op) -
Students work for multiple semesters with the same company in positions that provide experience directly related to their academic majors. Students may receive academic credit or audit credit for participation, and they must be paid a wage or alternative form of compensation (e.g. commuting expenses, meals, etc.).
  • Position may be part–time or full–time, and may occur every semester or in alternating semesters.
  • Students must have a KSU GPA to participate in a co-op (transfer students cannot participate in their first semester at KSU).
  • Sophomores, juniors, seniors, or students in graduate school with a declared eligible major, at least 30 completed credit hours, and a 2.50 GPA are eligible to participate.

All students interested in Co-op 2000, must watch the video linked below and email their Career and Internship Advisor confirming they’ve watched it

Watch Video

Internships - Employment that closely relates to the student’s major and is usually one semester in length. Students may receive academic credit for their participation and the position may be paid or unpaid.

  • The internship may be part–time or full–time, and is available to eligible juniors, seniors, and graduate students with a declared major.
  • Students must have a KSU GPA to participate in an internship (transfer students cannot participate in their first semester).
  • GPA and semester hour requirements vary by major.

For questions or to learn more about internship/co-op options for your major, we recommend you set up an appointment with your Career & Internship Advisor.