**Please see COVID-19 related FAQs listed below**

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    Upcoming Internship/Co-op Deadlines

    The deadline to submit a Summer 2021 internship or co-op application for credit is May 13th. 

    Learn more about requirements and expectations of internships & co-ops by reading the Guiding Principles document.

    Please contact your college's Career and Internship Advisor if you have any questions.

What Are Internships & Co-ops?

Learn more about the requirements and expectations for internships and co-ops by reading the Guiding Principles document.


How to Find & Obtain an Internship or Co-op

  • Your Career & Internship Advisor is your go-to person for exploring opportunities, preparing to apply and interview, and registering for academic credit. Click here to make an appointment with them today through Handshake!

  • Start looking for your internship or co-op the semester before you'd like to participate. Handshake is a perfect place to start your search with over 8,000 positions available. Click here to start searching! 

  • Once you've received an interview offer, contact our office and schedule a mock interview to ensure you are prepared! After you ace your interview and are offered the position, remember to ask for an offer letter before you accept. Need help preparing for your interview? Check out these resources:

    Office Contact Information
    Make an Appointment for a Mock Interview

  • After you've accepted your offer, log into Handshake and fill out an "Experience" form to start the process of applying for academic credit. Note: there are strict deadlines for this process. Be sure to visit our "College-Specific Advisor Information" for major-specific details.
  • After your "Experience" form on Handshake is approved and you receive an email from your Career & Internship Advisor, You MUST register for the internship/co-op course in Owl Express. Don't forget to include your internship/co-op on your resume!


Internship/Co-op FAQs


  • All internship and co-op courses are tuition and fee-bearing for-credit academic courses, except for COOP 2000 and ENGR 3398, as these are non-credit/audit courses with no academic requirements or tuition costs. A breakdown of tuition and fees based on the amount of credit hours taken is linked here.
    Under new federal guidelines, federal student loans being used to pay tuition will only be applied to those utilized and/or required in your course program of study. Courses that are not eligible to be paid with federal student loans will be flagged in DegreeWorks and students will be notified.

    Please read the Course Program of Study and Awarding Policy by KSU Financial Aid in full prior to registering for an internship or co-op. 
    At this time COOP 2000 and ENGR 3398 are flagged as ineligible for federal student aid. However, there are not tuition costs associated with either of these courses as they are not credit-bearing. 

  • In the Handshake Experience form, which serves as the application for internship/co-op credit, please respond appropriately to the specific question asking if you are an international student. Then, follow up with International Student and Scholar Services by contacting  ISSS@kennesaw.edu  to learn about the CPT/OPT process.
  • Unfortunately, some internships are being deferred or cancelled due to COVID-19. The good news is that there are still companies moving forward with hosting summer interns! Check out the job board on Handshake or our poll information on which past participating internship/co-op employers are still hosting summer interns.

  • If you’re receiving academic credit for the internship, please contact your faculty member for your internship course and your Career and Internship Advisor.

  • Yes! Remote internships will provide a slightly different experience, but it can still be a great option to gain experience. If you’re an international student, there may be certain limitations on your participation in remote internships. Please contact the International Student Scholar Services Office to get more information on your eligibility.
  • Most employers are making great strides to keep intern and employee safety a priority. If you’re uncomfortable, professionally express your concerns with your direct supervisor at the company. If you need help knowing exactly what to say, contact your Career and Internship Advisor for help on how to walk through the conversation step-by-step.
  • Yes! There are many great job search sites, including Handshake, to assist you in finding internship opportunities.
  • If you already have a job that you feel qualifies as a co–op or internship, review the qualifications for academic credit that are specific to your major on the left side of this page.  All positions have to be approved through the Department of Career Planning & Development.
  • Possibly. Contact your Career and Internship Advisor to discuss your exact situation.
  • Internship and co-op sites are assessing the impacts of COVID-19 daily. If your site chooses to cancel your internship or co-op, ask if the offer can be deferred until Fall to still give you the opportunity to participate in a future semester. Next, ask if there are any projects you can work on remotely. Project experience is a great line item to add to your resume. It will also show a great deal of grit and perseverance on your behalf that you continued to pursue experience in the face of adversity.
  • Check out the process for your specific major by visiting your college's page under the "College Specific Advisor Information" on the lefthand side of this page.
  • You can include your HR representative you’ve been in touch with and email your Career and Internship Advisor to update the information as soon as you have it.
  • Communication is key! Email your Career and Internship Advisor and your faculty member teaching your internship course as soon as possible to make them aware of your situation.
  • Congratulations! That’s a great problem to have! You’ll want to weigh the pros and cons of the offer you have and the one you’re waiting on. Does one more closely match your preferred job and location after graduation? Would one have a total compensation package that is significantly higher than the other? In terms of applying for academic credit, move forward by completing an Experience form with your first offer. Then, email your Career and Internship Advisor and internship course faculty member to make them aware of your situation.
  • Please complete the Experience form in Handshake.
  • No (but congratulations on applying for a job/internship/co-op!). In order to get academic credit for your internship or co-op, you’ll need to fill out the Experience form in Handshake after you’ve accepted an internship/co-op offer.
  • Your internship or co-op should begin and end with the start and end dates for each semester, which can be found here. Some faculty may be more flexible on start and end dates. Therefore, reach out to them as soon as you know you’ll have different start and end dates to get their permission.
  • Maybe, but keep in mind that KSU does not award retroactive credit. This means we cannot award academic credit for a past internship or co-op. However, if you’ve started an internship or co-op in the last 6 months and plan to continue working, check with your Career and Internship Advisor to see if you should apply for academic credit.
  • Contact the Education Abroad (educationabroad@kennesaw.edu) office before accepting an internship offer abroad. You can search for these internships under the "Jobs" tab in Handshake, GoAbroad.com, and GoOverseas.com.