Owl Mentor Network for Students

The Department of Career Planning and Development in partnership with The Office of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving are pleased to announce the launching of the Owl Mentor Network, allowing KSU students to gain expert advice from KSU alumni through online mentoring.

  • As a KSU student, you have access to one of the most unique career programs in the nation – The Owl Mentor Network (OMN). OMN is here to connect you with alumni offering their expertise to help you grow. 

    OMN makes it easy to set goals and track your progress in a long-term mentoring connection and through short-term flash mentoring. Over 500+ alumni available. 

    As a student, you may utilize OMN in a number of different ways:

    • Connect with an alumni mentor who will provide career, academic, and life advice.
    • Set up 30-minute online "flash mentoring" conversations with alumni mentors.
    • Ask career-related questions anonymously on the discussion forum.

    OMN makes it easy to set goals and track your progress in a long-term mentoring connection. Take advantage of this in order to help shape your connection with your mentor.ection, you'll want to let your mentor know how often and what type of communication works best for you (phone/video/etc.). We encourage you to spend at least two hours per month building the connection. 

    Approach the connection with an open mind, professionalism, and respect. Be receptive to suggestions and feedback. Make sure you've thought of some questions for your mentor each time you connect, even if they are very general. Need help starting the conversation? OMN will help along the way. 

    While asking for a job or internship is not appropriate at the start of a mentoring relationship. OMN is about building your professional network, developing your professional and communication skills, exploring areas of interest, gaining exposure to career options, and connecting your academics and career. It is not a direct resource for finding a job or internship, though it can often help with this down the road. 

  •  Write & Prepare | Search & Connect | Learn & Engage

    Write & Prepare

    - Complete your profile and write down what you want to learn from a mentor in your desired industry.

    - Prepare questions that are relevant to what you want to learn.

    Search & Connect

    - Search through the 500+ alumni already in the OMN by industry, location, and more.

    - Connect with potential mentors using the tools within the OMN.

    Learn & Engage

    - Ask your prepared questions to learn expert tips and advice from alumni working in the industries you are interested in.

    - Stay engaged with your mentor by being responsive to their feedback and setting up future online conversations.

  •  1. Click “Join NOW." 

    2. Complete your profile (using your KSU email and info from LinkedIn if you choose).

    3. Start exploring OMN, asking questions, and requesting mentors! 

    4. Still have questions? Check out the FAQ page or watch the Quick Tips Video


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