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Applying for Internship & Co-op Credit

+ Program Overview


  • INTS 3398 - Integrative Studies Internship

    • Participation Requirements: An overall GPA of at least 2.0
    • Prerequisite: Completion of 60 credit hours
    • Grading: Letter

    This course provides students the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge, communication skills, and emerging professionalism in a particular work environment. The coursework includes class discussions, group and individual activities, class presentations, and documentation of internship experience. The course is designed to provide applied learning experiences that build upon prior coursework and offers opportunities for integrated and reflective learning.

    Note: Students cannot register for INTS 3398 until they have located an internship opportunity and have gotten it approved through The Department of Career Planning & Development internship application process.

    Hours Worked Per Semester:

    • 3 credits = 150 hours/semester
    • 6 credits = 300 hours/semester
    • 9 credits = 450 hours/ semester

    Application Process:

    Once the student has an internship lined up, he/she completes the online application at The Department of Career Planning & Development website and, once approved, is cleared to take the course.


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